Etcher killed my USB stick

Hi, ive just had this happen to me on a 16GB toshiba usb and i use windows 10. Attempted to flash linux ISO and it failed leaving me with a dead usb that has 2.38MB capacity, i have literally all my school work on it and some files i would really like to get back. In hindsight i should have backed up the files but…

Must i just reformat the stick and lose it all for good or is there any way to recover the damage? Many thanks for any assistance.


This is not a very simple case. Etcher, like any other USB burning application, essentially reformats the USB, and all existing files become inaccessible and some may be overwritten. To recover the USB in case of a failure, we point people to Etcher’s own documentation:

However, you should not write anything to the USB until you have recovered as much as possible. This is not guaranteed, but a quick google search for “recover usb files” gives multiple hits. I cannot recommend any specific programs though.

I had the same problem. I recovered it by formatting it in Linux.
Guys can access this website for more details.

I hope it helps.