Etcher killed my USB stick


I recovered the stick by entering the “Gestion des disque” that I suppose is called “Disk Administration” in the English version of Win 10. Th USB stick was not listed in the top part of the screen but appeared as a square in the lower part. I did right click on that square and selected Format and that is how I recovered my stick. The Format process will recreate the system volume information for the stick.
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  1. Expulsar unidad USB (con clic derecho en la misma, en el explorador de archivos, y luego en expulsar).
  2. Instalar Gparted o Partition Manager de KDE y/o abrir la aplicación
  3. Borrar tabla de particiones del pendrive (clic derecho, en el panel o espacio derecho) y luego crear una nueva (de tipo MS DOS o MBR).
  4. Clic derecho, Nueva. Elegir:
    • sistema de archivos FAT32 (si se usará en Windows, y sino, ext4)
    • tipo: Primaria
    • etiqueta: el nombre que quieran
    • lo demás queda sin tocar
  5. Aplicar cambios

En Windows es similar.


  1. Eject USB drive (with right click on it, in the file browser, and then eject).
  2. Install Gparted or Partition Manager of KDE and / or open the application.
  3. Delete partition table from the pendrive (right click, in the panel or right space) and then create a new one (type MS DOS or MBR).
  4. Right click, New. To choose:
    • FAT32 file system (if used in Windows, and otherwise, ext4).
    • type: Primary.
    • label: the name you want.
    • The rest remains untouched.
  5. Apply changes.

In Windows it is similar.


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Cool down guys!! your drive may not be damaged it must have become unreadable on windows operating system with a small partition and readable on Linux Mint with 1 partition containing Linux setup files. You can read Repair your flash drive damaged with Balena in 4 easy steps to make your flash drive reusable on all Operating systems.