My usb drive bricked and usable after clicking cancel

I was using Etcher on Linux Mint 19.3 to write a backup version of Linux mint 19.3 and after configuring everything properly I pressed start and it stayed on the “starting screen” for longer than usual so I thought something is up with my ISO so I just clicked cancel on the flashing process and decided to flash another OS (feren os ) but I noticed that my Sandisk Cruzer Edge 8gb flash drive was showing as locked in the selection page. I started to tinker with the drive even went as far as borrowing a mac and a windows machine to see what I can do with it but everywhere I went it said that my drive was ‘read-only’. I sort of want that drive working again lol.

I’ve been using this program since 2017 and I never experienced a problem like this


The gist of it is that Etcher can’t ‘kill’ your USB drive. Depending on what OS you are on, there are some methods listed in the forum thread above on how to go about recovering the USB. What OS are you using to repair the drive? Is it Linux?
Have you tried opening it in GParted?