Etcher Doesn't Seem To Work

I downloaded to my Mac Etcher in order to burn a bootable USB drive for Linux. I got the User Interface and got as far as selecting the ISO file, which I did, but the Etcher User Interface did not appear to accept it and so did not light up the “Drive” portion so that I could then select “Flash.”

What am I missing?

Well, I got it to work on an Ubuntu Linux .iso, but not on a Linux Mint .iso. Odd.

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Hi @seth, sounds like it didn’t detect any drives to flash to – did you have anything plugged in?
Which Etcher version are you using?

I tried it both ways - a USB drive then without a USB drive, plugging it in while the Etcher app was up.

As I mentioned, it failed with one software .iso (Linux Mint) and succeeded with another .iso (Ubuntu). Odd.

Do I understand you properly, that the USB should be plugged in before launching Etcher? I used the most recent copy, downloading it that day: Version 1.4.4.

The most probable answer is that the .iso file was corrupted - not complete - when I attempted to flash it. I was having some firewall problems and didn’t notice the file size.

It doesn’t matter, I was just asking in case it’d be relevant in debugging your issue, but I think I understood the problem you’re having incorrectly.

Can you share which version / image of Linux Mint you were flashing?