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I don’t know why I can’t have my own title for this post.

Based on the online article, I tried out BalenaEtcher last night. I didn’t recognize that BalenaEtcher destroys my USB.

I tried BalenaEtcher and thought it would let me have multiple ISO files on a USB. It doesn’t. So, I tried something else. And I find my 128G USB has no memory available. Currently, it has zero bytes used space and zero bytes free space. What is going on?

Hello, we do have a post on our blog: that can help you restore your USB device - please note the section “How to Recover a USB Drive or SD Card.”
When you use Etcher to burn an ISO file to a USB stick it will erase the entire stick and then extract whatever the contents of the ISO contain and write them to the stick. So you can only extract one ISO file to a USB stick at a time.
Are you looking to combine the contents of two ISO files onto your USB stick or do you just want to store multiple ISO files on your USB stick?

I think the USB is dead. It is hot after I unplug it from my PC. I don’t know whether the quality problem of the Sandisk memory stick or not.

They certainly can wear out. If you want to revisit your ISO-burning requirements at any point, just let us know.