Not hearing audio on second RPi3

I have my main “server” RPi3 up and running. It’s named Family Room and is attached to my stereo. I’m using AirPlay to send iTunes playback to it. Working well, no problems.

I used the same balena-cloud-balena-sound-raspberrypi3-2.58.3+rev1-dev-v11.14.0.img to image a second RPi3. It’s showing in the same balena-sound Application, and I’ve named it Back Porch. It’s showing Online:

When I click its name I can see that all of the same Services are running as are running on the Family Room RPi3:

If I’m understanding how balenaSound is supposed to work, the audio being sent to the Family Room RPi3 should be sent to the Back Porch RPi3 automatically. I have earbuds plugged in, but I’m not hearing anything on that second Pi. I’ve tried rebooting.

Any observations/suggestions appreciated.

DUH! I’d plugged the Back Porch Pi into my TV with an HDMI cable for the initial setup, but the TV’s volume was down! Everything’s working just fine and I feel a little foolish. But I’ll leave the post up in the event that it might help other witless passers-by.

No problem, Grant! Thanks for letting us know!


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