More issues with Audio..

I recently gave my dad a raspberry pi 3 + running balenaOS for a way for him to wirelessly connect to his speakers.

I had a couple of issues in the beginning, getting those sorted out wasn’t the easiest, but I managed to get them done. Now I have some new issues.

-Audio is only coming out of one channel
-Audio is extremely quiet even at 100% volume on both the transmitting device and the ras-pi

I already tried a reboot, a manual system output override, and disabling multi-room audio

Does anyone have any ideas?

The ras-pi is running the latest OS and I am using the 3.5mm audio output

Hi, could you please clarify what application actually produces the sound on this balenaOs device.
Do you use balenaSound app?

I just installed BalenaOS and that was all I did. Do I need to install additional applications? I can give you remote access if that would be faster to look for specific things.


thanks for coming back, could you please share some details about your setup? balenaOS on its own does not produce any sound output, you must be using an application that actually plays the sound - are you using balenaSound or a different application? How are your speakers connected now? You state that you want to connect to wireless speakers but end stating that you are using the 3.5mm jack. When you say “a manual system output override” what exactly do you mean?

I have only installed balenaOS on the Ras-pi. If you mean what am I using to stream audio, YouTube and Spotify are the main ones. I have the speakers connected to the Ras-pi through the 3.5mm jack. What I meant was that if it worked, you could wireless-stream audio to the speakers.

This is what I mean by system output override:

Hi there Zachary, we have an application called balenaSound that I think fits your requirements perfectly. It will allow you to wirelessly connect and stream audio to some speakers, using the raspberry pi. This blog post gives some detailed step-by-step instructions to help you set it up: Let us know if this meets your needs, and if you need any extra info or help! Thanks.

I guess I already have balenaSound installed since I followed that exact website’s tutorial. I attached a picture of the Applications, device page with all of the services that are running and those that are not.

I just enabled remote access; the device id is: 1e6eca5

Hello again,

Have you verified that the speakers are working with a good volume and both channels when plugged in to something else?
Looking at the logs for your device I can see that there’s a lot of 19.07.20 01:51:14 (+0100) bluetooth-audio /usr/bin/bluealsa: Missing RTP packet: 6138 != 6137 which indicates a weak bluetooth connection. Are you having volume issues regardless of the distance between the raspberry pi and the audio streaming device you are using? It might also be worth checking if the problem persists when using a different device to connect to the Pi and stream audio, and making sure that there aren’t any other bluetooth connections active on that device.