Troubleshooting after adding HiFiBerry Amp2

I successfully set up the project on two RPI3s and (after a brief moment of stupidity) verified audio from both HDMI and the earphone jack on the second Pi. Smooth sailing so far.

After making sure that everything was working, I connected a HiFiBerry Amp2 to my second RPi3:

And connected these speakers:

As recommended by the HiFiBerry specs, I’m using an 18v power supply to power both the Pi3 and the Amp. The HiFiBerry Amp2 has a single green LED lit on its top and all LEDs on the Pi3 are illumined. I can see in the balenaSound dashboard that the second Pi is streaming audio, but I’m not getting any sound from the speakers. I wrote to HiFiBerry support, sent them the above info, and asked if they had any troubleshooting suggestions for me. Their response was:

I’m not familiar with this distribution. You probably need to configure it first:

Alternatively have a look at HiFiBerryOS that will automatically detect the card:

Evidently they saw no problems with the hardware and suspect that it’s just a config issue. I thought it might be smart to ask for guidance before going any further. Any guidance much appreciated. Thanks!

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Hi Grant, seems like you haven’t configured the DAC. We have a setup guide for this here which is pretty much the same thing the HiFiBerry guys told you:

A quick warning though, earlier today I fixed a bug where some DACs would not work even if properly configured (issue here). If your DAC does not work after configuring it, you’ll need to re-deploy balenaSound (by using the Deploy Button or running balena push <app> depending on our deploy method of choice).


Success! Thanks very much!