connect "old laptop" to account?

Hi! I’m running Boinc manager at my desktop and there I had to create an account for rosetta@home. All good so far, I can see stats and change settings. But I also run at an old laptop with the preconfigured image. Is there any user ID or similar on that machine that I can add to the account or add the account to the old laptop? Or it’s not meant to be done? It could be nice to see the stats for the laptop, if it does any useful work. I know I can look at http://foldforcovid.local/, but I don’t quite get what the numbers try to tell me…


First you have to get your weak account key. In your BOINC profile click in the account key link, or use this link, copy the weak account key. Next, at http://foldforcovid.local click the button Change Account Key and paste the weak key, press Apply and your system will restart. Now your old laptop is using the same account as your desktop.

Warning: When I did this the tasks that my old computer were aborted. If you like to avoid this follow the instructions in this post to complete the tasks in your old laptop.

If you have any questions, please ask.

Thanks! But I can’t find the button Change Account Key. Is it somewhere in “Connect to account manager”? Before I tried to add with my username and password but that did not work.

I think this screenshot can help you.

Strange, when I type http://foldforcovid.local my window starts with the green row starting with File. Is there some kind of setting to access those buttons?


I have a RP3 & RP4 connected using the pre-configured images, which now has the GUI as shown by bira’s screenshot.
Originally my software for the RP3 & RP4 didn’t have the additional buttons to change the Account Key, Shutdown or Reboot etc…

I have also connected an old Windows laptop which uses the “Generic x86_64” pre-configured image.
This GUI is the same as your screenshot (without the additional buttons at top of screen).
I’m not sure if the software will be updated in the future to replicate the latest Rasberry Pi GUI.
In the case of the RP3 & RP4, they updated without having to re-install the software.
I assume it is an update that installs automatically.

My credits from the laptop are now being added to my Rosetta Account, but I set up a BOINCstatsBAM account ( Boinc Account Manager), when I also installed the BOINC client software on my main home Windows PC.

I’m a bit of noobie, so sometimes it’s a bit of trial and error, but I hope this might point you in the right direction.

I didn’t know about the differences regarding the platforms. In this case to have the computer in your account I think the thing to do is to install some lightweight linux distribution and install BOINC on it.

Thanks for your answers! I have very little knowledge about this (hence the questions), but with the given options it seems best to take a lightweight linux distribution and install BOINC rather than waiting for the “Generic X86_64” maybe getting updated.
Thanks again!