Take a Raspberry Pi out of the project gracefully

I need to retask one of my Raspberry Pi 4 (4GB) but would like to gracefully remove it from the project before I do so. It doesn’t matter if it takes 15 hours to complete the existing tasks but I want to stop it accepting new ones so I can close it down at the end. Is this possible? It will almost certainly not be coming back for the time being, and I don’t want to leave things half finished.

There absolutely is! Using the GUI, press F9 to bring down the menu. Arrow right to “Projects” then arrow down to ‘Rosetta@Home’.

Press Enter to get a sub-menu, and then Arrow down to “No New Tasks”. Press Enter.

This will tell Rosetta to stop sending work to the device. At this point, wait the 12 hours or so for any tasks to complete their runs.

Once they are completed, it may be worthwhile to repeat those steps but select “Update Project” on that same sub-menu, to ensure results get transmitted.

Hope that helps.

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Yes that worked fine thanks. Two have been taken out of service, had their part of the rack sorted, then put back on the air. The remainder are still running down.

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