Solved: linking Balena Folding for Covid with Boinc Rosetta@home

I am running 4 RPi 3B+ with balenaOS, as well as a laptop, and an Android phone running Boinc as an application.

Is there any way to link the RPI BalenaOS activites to my Boinc account and team?

It requires going into the boinc dashboard and changing team settings there,
Then, on the balena dashboard adding the account key variable to the device variables with the account key found on the user profile from the boinc dashboard.

yes just set your balena APP ACCOUNT_KEY to your BOINC AUTHENTIC KEY

Sorry, are you saying that the ACCOUNT_KEY envt variable is not enough?

To my knowledge I do not have a BOINC ID, only a ROSETTA@HOME ID 2150637

Could you elaborate please?

yes your vm will crash if you use your RAH ID you need to set APP ACCOUNT_KEY to your AUTHENTICATOR KEY which you get from

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Beginner question here, sorry. How do I get to the environment vars on an x86 PC?