rosetta@home : how to check you secret key is working

goto and get your BOINC key from

add it your balena APP SERVER_KEY

wait 24hrs then goto

to check your balena / arm / inuc nodes are listed

if not you have not set up your APP SERVICE ENV KEY properly

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I have 2 Pi4s, but I’m concerned that Rosetta@Home is seeing them as one – or confusing one with the other.

When I browse
I only see one Pi.
I can monitor one at http://foldforcovid.local and the second at http://foldforcovid-2.local, and they each have a different Fold for Covid @ adjective-noun title in the browser, but both seem to lead to the same computerID when I choose “View device stats” from the link above the Change Account Key button in the web interface.

Suggestions appreciated!

I had this a few days ago - basically two of mine had the same computer id. If you look on the log at the bottom of the gui and scroll back, you should see the computer id in the line which starts “URL”.

In my case, they sorted themselves out without me doing anything so it is worth leaving them for a while to check. I think I rebooted it once but that did not immediately sort it out but might have triggered the fix.

Thanks for that! Yes – they both have the same Computer ID in the web GUI. I’m going to try rebooting one and see if I can get a different Computer ID. It seems they don’t talk to the server very frequently – I can see how the server could mistake one for the other if there’s no way to differentiate what’s coming out of my network. I don’t want one to confuse the server – I had some work units flagged as Abandoned and I think it happened because the server was confused.