Can´t find my device when searching for bluetooth devices


I followed this guide to turn my raspberry pi 3 b+ into a audio receiver with Balena Sound:

Everything in the setup seems to work fine but I can´t find the device when I´m scanning for bluetooth devices.

Anyone experienced the same problem?

Hey there!
Can you share the version of BalenaOS you 're using? Also can you see any error logs?

Hey Mike!

Thanks for the fast reply!

I´m using balenaOS 2.43.0+rev1. When creating a new device in the Balena Cloud dashboard you´re not able the choose version, or are you?

Here´s a picture from the log:

Hello @crydestaahl
Looking at your logs, it seems like /usr/src/ has issues, could you post its contents here?

Sorry if this is a stupid question but how do I get there? @zvin

I tried to go through the Host OS but commands like ls or dir doesn´t do anything :thinking:

What do you mean by “doesn’t do anything”?
Have you made any changes to after cloning it?
The /usr/src/ script is in the spotify container, you won’t see it from the host OS.

@zvin I mean that it doesn’t give me anything back when I write it and pressing enter. You know, typing “ls” inside a folder from the terminal will give you a list of the folders content.

Anyhow, I have not been making any changes to the code after cloning it.

Is it this file that we’re looking for? :


Could you please enable support access for this device and give us its uuid or dashboaad link?


4sure, appreciate the help!

I’ve granted access for the next 16 h.

UUID: 7052b80

Hey, could you provide the full UUID please? (You can get this by clicking the “copy” button next to the short uuid on the dashboard)

Also which OS are you using? That \r in the error logs looks to me that perhaps a clone on windows has messed with line endings in the file.


I think you might be on to something here. The copy was made from -or on?- a windows computer.

This is the complete UUID: 7052b800e6a85359a87747f634cbd4d2

OS: balenaOS 2.43.0+rev1

Thanks for the help!

Yeah that’s likely the problem, you need to configure your git client to not check out with CRLF, alternatively you can download the zip archive from the github page and push that.

Well you’re a true legend @CameronDiver ! Look at this :slight_smile:

Had no idea a git client could cause these kinds of problems.

Also thank you @zvin for taking your time!