Can´t find my device when searching for bluetooth devices

Hello - I have followed these steps and it has worked - I can now see the device however I am unable to connect or play audio into the device (and into the headphones attached)? Is there any way to fix this?

Edit: it appears that the bluetooth discovery keeps automatically turning off as well.

Hi, did you manage to pair with the balenaSound device? If not, could you please log into the application container using ssh and run:

bluetoothctl show

Please paste the output of the command above.

#status a balenaSound user had to manually set the device to discoverable in order to see the device. Now it seems they have problems pairing with it. I have asked for extra bluetoothctl output to check whether the device is pairable. #pendinguserresponse

Hey - I’m no longer running it unfortunately - I do remember the output though.
It was in a pair-able mode once I had manually set it (using the bluetoothctl) however I could not connect (for any length of time over about 2 sec) and so not play any audio. It did show up on my phone just not connected. I did raise an issue over on GitHub as well.

Hi there – thanks very kindly for filing a bug report; this always helps us improve the project. We’ll keep working on it over there.

All the best,