My Pi does not show in Bluetooth available devices list

My Pi ZERO W connected to audio via HDMI does not show in Bluetooth available devices list

Tried again today and the PI is available as Unknown Devices but this time I am unable to pair it.Please help.


what application did you deploy? Are we talking about balenaSound here?

Yes - Its BalenaSound

@MYBS welcome to the forums and thanks for giving the balenaSound project a try.

Right now the project has some issues on the Pi Zero where the settings are not persisted across reboots so you might find that a device is not able to reconnect using an existing pairing after a reboot. To work around this you need to “Forget” the pairing from your device and establish it again. This will be resolved when balenaOS v2.38 becomes available for Pi Zero but we don’t currently have any estimate on when this will be as there is a bug that needs to be resolved before it can be released.

As for the inability to see the device, you can use the web terminal to the host OS in balenaCloud to check that Bluetooth discoverability is turned on. Once you’re connected, run bluetoothctl then show. You should see the line Discoverable:.

If for some it device says Discoverable: no (it will automatically do this when a device is connected), you can run discoverable on to turn it on.

I hope this helps!

Thank you very much for the quick reply. Planning to try PI 3B+ and hope I will be successful

Best luck @mybs, let us know how it goes!