RPi4 - spotify doesn't see the device, same with bluetooth

I just installed balenaSound on my RPi4 successfully (the device appears in the cloud as online), but the device does not appear in the Spotify device list and it is not discoverable via bluetooth.
I checked if the device is discoverable via bluetooth and it is. As for the spotify issue, I made sure that I’m in the same wifi network and also tried casting from different devices.

Hi @bogdansrb, first of all welcome to the balena community!

How did you deploy balenaSound to your device? Did you use balenaHub to download the image? Or do you have access to your device via balenaCloud dashboard?

If you have access to your device already, can you check the balenaCloud dashboard? Do you see any logs or warnings? Can you run the Device Diagnostics as well?

I built the image using balenacloud and I have access to the device in the dashboard. The only message I get in the logs is “supervisor starting”, no errors. In the diagnostics I get some errors, but this is the only one that seems obvious:

— mmcli -m 0 —
error: couldn’t find modem

Hi, what services have been deployed to your device as part of the balena-sound app? You should be seeing 8 services deployed into your device.

This definitely sounds like the containers are not built and downloaded to your Pi. To make sure they are deployed properly, click the blue “Deploy with balena” button on the GitHub repo here: GitHub - balenalabs/balena-sound: Build a single or multi-room streamer for an existing audio device using a Raspberry Pi! Supports Bluetooth, Airplay and Spotify Connect

You will get passed through to the balenaCloud Dashboard, and choose your existing Application, no need to create a new one. In a moment, the containers will start building. Once complete, they will download onto the Pi, and the Pi will start running them. All said and done, it could be 30 minutes to an hour for the process, so definitely give it some time. At the end, you should be up and running though!