Raspberry HDMI TV - Device not found on smartphone bluetooth

Dear, in my dashboard I see the device rpi3+ is online. But I search RPi through my smartphone and I not see it.
At the moment I connect raspberry trough hdmi to my TV and I see the logo of Balena on TV.
The problem is bluetooth.

How could I fix it?

Could you provide us with more information on what you would like to achieve? The rpi would not automatically use the bluetooth interface. What application would you like to run on your device?
Best Regards,

Hi, I would start balenaSound.

I have followed this step:

  1. installed on sd balenaSound from GitHub, with my User and Password of my wifi network.
  2. create a free balenaCloud account.
  3. inserted the SD in the raspberry and started it.
  4. I see on BalenaCloud account my raspberry pi 3+ online mode.

At this point, if I try to search through Bluetooth of my smartphone, the raspberry it is not shown.

Thanks for your support and best regards.

Hello there,

Just to make sure, you did balena push the code to the application (there’s no mention of this in your steps). Also, have you tried searching for the balenaSound device on any other devices apart from your phone? It would be good to rule out a phone issue (we’d recommend using your development machine or another phone of a different make to ensure this).

If so, if you wouldn’t mind sharing the device dashboard URL (or device UUID) with us and granting access support, we could have a look and see if there’s anything obvious.

Best regards,