Build a Raspberry Pi powered live train station sign for your desk

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Hi i need some help here. How do i copy OS From github ?

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If you want the fastest way to get going with balena, I recommend following the build guide closely and using Deploy with balena and your balenaCloud account.

If you’re more interested in downloading a version of balenaOS to check out, you’ll find all our latest ones here: balenaOS - Run Docker containers on embedded IoT devices

Thanks for all the info, I’ve had a quick go at making this departure board with the Ali Express screen and a Pi - all good.

Just wondering if this project can be modified to show London Underground stations - the STAND BACK TRAIN APPROACHING would be quite cool to see? I’ve set mine up purely on the Balena platform, and haven’t edited any files to make it work. I’ve got a bit of Linux knowledge, so could potentially make something else work. Thanks.

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That should be doable if you plug the London Underground API (exist?). Check this uk-train-departure-display/ at e6aa90ea77796cf548f5c3382bca03138dd2898c · chrisys/uk-train-departure-display · GitHub and let us know if you make it happen :slight_smile:

This project is great. I’ve built my first sign with the 2.8inch display, but want to go bigger. Has anyone tried this with a larger SSD1322 screen. Would love some advice on working screens (seen a couple 5.5inch SSD1322 variants).

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Hello @googanhiem welcome to the balena community!

I have on my to-do list to test different width and heights. Check here train-departure-display/ at 49d24c7bd1c8bba9384f72c1958d708e4cc22f74 · chrisys/train-departure-display · GitHub

let us know if you can successfully get results :slight_smile:


I have been following these instructions very carefully - but my screen is not working. I am also getting a frame rate reading through Balena of approximately 16 FPS which is confusing as nothing is showing on the screen. Where would I find the solder blob or 0 ohm resistor that may need removing from the SSD1322 screen?


Just a quick question. Can I run this from the hdmi port to a standard monitor and if so what needs changing.

Thanks in advance.

Did you have to make any hardware adjustments to the display as described by adding a blob of solder?