balenaOs Update Schedule

Hi Folks,

In general, how and when are new balenaOs builds updated? I notice that my fin is running a much newer OS than my BeagleBone, for example. Is this something I could contribute to by building it myself?

We don’t have a set schedule for balenaOS builds unless you’re using ESR releases, but you can see a summary of all versions here:

You’ll see that sometimes there are newer OS versions on staging (this will require a new login), which you can download and use with the production dashboard by changing the config.json file in the image with one from production.

I see that there is quite the variety across hardware, is this something that I could help with moving for certain platforms that I’m working with, or is it just a QA time thing?

Hi, BalenaOS goes through a validation process before a new version is released to production. If you want to try a newer, but unsuppported, version of BalenaOS for a specific device type you can try using our staging environment at The BalenaOS version for the Beaglebone Green wireless in staging is 2.58.3+rev1.

Why is Orange Pi Zero staging version behind production? With OpenBalena v3 limited to 2.58 versions and above I imagine this page is getting more attention than usual.

Hi, the Orange Pi Zero is a community supported device type so releases are done when requested by the community. As we don’t do internal validation there is no need for us to deploy to staging.
Anyway, we have now triggered a staging deployment for 2.53.9+rev1 so it should be available there soon.

Is there much hope of a 2.58+ that is compatible with open balena then?

Hi Maggie, we have pushed a 2.60.1+rev1 to Staging, so you should be able to grab a download from You’ll need to create a separate account there if you don’t already have one, add an Application, and then a Device. The resulting image download should then get you on your way. Thanks.

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