No device metrics

I use the free plan. After updating my x86 device, I wanted to test the new device metrics feature, but I don‘t see any metrics in the overview and in the device-specific view.

Hi Bruno,

Could you let us know what type of device it is, and what versions of the Host OS and Supervisor it is running?


Interestingly, I also have a device with no metrics.

Device with metrics:

Balena Fin (CM3), balenaOS 2.58.3+rev1 (production), supervisor v11.14.0

Device without metrics:

BeagleBone Green Wireless, balenaOS 2.51.1+rev2 (development), supervisor v11.4.10

Does that contrast shed light?

Sure. Its a Pokini F2. We are using the Nuc image without any issues since a couple of months.

Host OS is balenaOS 2.50.1+rev1

Supervisor is 11.4.10.


So, that led me to:

@crbn60 I think you’ve discovered it already, but the metrics require a minimum supervisor version of v11.14.0; you can see this in the supervisor changelog here:

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I’ve also updated the blog post with a little more information:

Device metrics are available for devices running balenaOS v2.56.0 and higher with supervisor version v11.14.0 and higher.

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