BalenaOS >=v2.95.3 on Raspberry Pi 3 64-bit

I am currently looking in to switching my fleet of Raspberry Pi 3’s from 32-bit BalenaOS to 64-bit, however it looks like only up to v2.94.4 is available on the website. Unfortunately, I need at least v2.95.3 which introduced the fix to allow preloaded images to start without internet (required for my wifi-connect based startup).

Are there plans to bump the version of RPi3 64-bit available on production?

In the meantime I can use the method mentioned here as a workaround but I would feel better if it was officially supported.


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Hi Cole. Yes, the plan is to bring the RPi3 64-bit production OS up to date. It needs to pass our suite of tests before we’re willing to do that, and the test infrastructure is currently undergoing an overhaul that will bring a heap more automation to the process in the future. So routine updates like this will be delayed until we have that humming, but it is coming! The OS team have been pinged for a status update, but they’re head down bum up making it happen at the moment so might not get this straight-away.

Ok, that’s great to hear!

Best of luck to the team on the overhaul process :smile: