BalenaOS - no new builds available for the update


I wanted to update BalenaOS from the current 2.60.1+rev1 to the newest one available. However, no new builds are available in the update combo. I have a standard OS image.

Screenshot 2021-01-08 at 14.24.04


Hi Jiri,

this usually means that your device is running the latest available version of the OS. Which device type are you using? Is there a particular version you expect to see? One of the ways fo checking what the latest version for a device type is just opening the “Add new device” dialog and see what it offers. You will probably not see 2.60.1+rev1 as this one has been pulled from production.

Thanks mate, exactly as you wrote - I can now only see 2.58. 3 when adding new device.

I saw 2.66 release available ( , so just wanted to give it a try. Will be patient then and wait for the production ready build. :slight_smile:

Thanks for confirming that, do not hesitate to come back in case you have more questions.