Raspberry Pi Zero Staging Image not Available

I’m trying to download the staging image for the RPI Zero as the current Production version isn’t compatible with Open Balena. But the link to the staging RPI image is broken.


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I have some questions to understand the situation better.

  • From where are you trying to download the balenaOS image? from our website? or from our Github repo?
  • What version are you trying to download?
  • Could you share with us the broken link you are using?

If you are trying to download the image from the website, so the latest image is 2.54.2+rev1 and this doesn’t meet the open balena minimum requirement which is v2.58.3, So you can download it from our Github repo or through the dashboard.

Waiting to hear back from you.

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Apologies, left the details a little scarce there.

Here is the URL for the Balena OS Staging. Try downloading the Raspberry Pi Zero Production or Development images: balenaOS - Run Docker containers on embedded IoT devices?

The reason I am using the staging images is that Open Balena requires a minimum of v2.58.3:

And the current production Balena OS image is only at 2.54.2+rev1:

Hi Maggie,

Thank you for raising this. What’s happening here is that the staging site is not picking up the correct latest version of the OS images for each device type. The version you are seeing on staging is the latest ESR version. We are looking into that issue now.

In the meantime, I’ve fashioned you a download link for the OS you’re trying to download here - can you let me know if that works for you?


Thanks for the update. I will wait for the fix as I’m building the urls into a workflow and could do with them being static, but appreciate the interim measure.

Does this mean the images for the other devices on the staging site may change too, or is this just a rpi zero issue?

Update: I see the link you gave points to the API, so presume it is going to be permanent and will start using it straight away. Thanks

Maggie - yeah, that link will stay working until the next release of balenaOS for that device type.

This wasn’t PiZero specific - I noticed other device types had ESR versions specified - this is being addressed as I type. :slight_smile:



Your comment there has raised another question. Will the older versions not be available with these api urls after a new release? It will have some implications on automation.

Hey Maggie, the links will always be available and point to that specific OS version so it should be fine to use in your automation. Just keep in mind that we do not offer any guarantees about the availability of our staging platform, so I would still advise against hard coding links to staging (or at the very least, make sure to update them as soon as the OS version is released in production ;))

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