BalenaOS release cycle question


I have looked around for information regarding release cycles of BalenaOS and the closest I’ve got is this quote in the official documentation: “Since we periodically release updates and improvements to balenaOS”. I see new versions are tagged by resin-ci on GitHub, yet I can’t seem to figure out when versions are stable and become available in Balena Cloud.

We have a bunch of devices that run 2.26.0+rev1, but reveals it was tagged back in November, and there’s been plenty of releases since then. Balena Cloud claims 2.26.0+rev1 is the newest release (through the update BalenaOS action). When are releases considered stable and when do they become available in Balena Cloud?



Hi @martinjlowm,

The latest OS version for a particular device is the one that you see when clicking on Add device in Balena Cloud.

You say that Balena Cloud tells you 2.26.0+rev1 is the latest release when trying to do OS update, but this is strange. At the moment when you posted your message the latest version available should have been balenaOS 2.29.2+rev2.

Anyway, today v2.31.5+rev1 was released for RPi3. Updates are on their way for the other RPi devices. You should be able to update your OS from the Actions tab to this version if using RPi3.