Will Etcher delete the "Remove Installation Media" on shutdown ???

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NOTE: Linux Mint Mate 64-bit LiveMedia systems

I run Linux Mint Mate LiveMedia systems from a LOCKED USB Kanguru flash drive. I am currently running v18.3 which recently went out of date. I have always loaded my systems with “unetbootin” because it has always produced the cleanest system, especially in expunging the “Remove Installation Media” MODAL DIALOG hangup on shutdown. However, since LM 19, nothing seems to be able to remove the hang on shutdown (YUK!).

Does “Etcher” have the capability to discard the modal “Remove Media” screen? I really do NOT want to have to babysit my system every time I restart or shutdown … I just want to start the operation and walk away for a cup of coffee.

Thank you for any and all comments, suggestions, and assistance with this annoying aggravation.

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Hi there Art, and welcome to the Forums. I think this change is likely being implemented by Mint themselves, and no Etcher does not have the ability to remove that functionality. Etcher simply takes the image produced and provided by a Linux distro maker, and writes it to your USB or SD Card…but it doesnt have any ability to alter what it writes. Just a block-by-block copy of what the image contains. Hope that explanation makes sense, thanks!