Why can't I image my limelight 2.0?

Using the documentation for limelight 2.0 above, I have downloaded all of the necessary item required onto my windows 10 (64-bit). I ran the etcher and selected the 2020 image. When I continue to the next step and try to connect my limelight 2.0 (it’s connected to the computer with a USB to micro-USB) it says “no removable drive detected”. Can someone please explain why I can’t connect the limelight? Thanks!

Hi @jump_robotics,

Welcome to the forums. I don’t have limelight, but I’ll ask the team if anybody has experience with it. It seems like Windows is not detecting the limelight correctly. Is the limelight detected by Windows as an additional drive or similar? What might be a problem is if you have a bad USB to micro-USB cable, especially if the cable is mostly meant as a cable to power some device. I would suggest to try a different cable, if anyone in the team has a limelight, they will jump in here and might have more ideas.