No removable drive detected

Hi there, I’m trying to use etcher to download an ISO for ubuntu onto a USB for use on MacOS, but when I click on the ‘select drive’ icon I get a notice saying ‘No removable drive detected’. Does anyone know how to solve this issue please?

The version of Etcher I am using is Version 1.3.1 and the computer is MacOS High Sierra Version 10.13.1

Many thanks! :slight_smile:

What size is the USB? Anything larger than 16GB will not be detected. I have no idea why.

Hey @empcorn29, what type of USB device are you trying to flash (i.e. thumb drive, external harddrive, etc.), and (as @Oceanjal already asked), what is its capacity? There’s also a newer version of Etcher that’s been out for a while (version 1.4.4) – you might want to try that, and see if that fixes the issue.