Flash Failed with Balena Etcher

Hello All,
I have used Balena Etcher a few times and really haven’t had a lot of issues.

However, I am using it today and every USB drive I use they are all reported as Failed. Then when I try to reformat the flash drive to start over, Windows doesn’t recognize it.

I am running Windows 10 and Etcher version 1.18.11. This appears to be the most up to version of Etcher from what I see.

Etcher Failed:

Logs from Etcher on Failure:

Etcher Version:

For anyone reading this. I opted to download the zip file first. My application was working directly with Balena Cloud so it was providing the image file via the browser. When I chose the downloaded file then it reported that my flash drive was too small for my image.

The USB drives I was using and failed are not exactly recognizable by my Windows laptop anymore. But I brought them to a different PC and they work still. Very odd but for my situation, my issue is resolved.