White Screen During Startup

So when i try to open Etcher i get a blank white screen. When i open dev tools i get this log:

Hi @iliasgr2008,

Sorry to hear about that. The reflection of the camera flash has obscured part of this error message, unfortunately. It looks like you’re using Windows, so might I recommend using Windows Snipping Tool 1 to get a clearer error message?

Also, what version of Etcher are you running? If you’re not on the latest version, could you try upgrading to see if Etcher is able to launch correctly?


Here you go. i also have the latest version of etcher

Hi I also have the same problem, have installed the program with admin permissions, run as admin and still have no results.
Running Windows 10 Home 32bit

@Iliasgr2008 could you please confirm what version of etcher do you have? what operating system are you using? how did you install it?


Hello @KeithB1958 it looks like you installed Etcher for Windows. Etcher is designed to run on 64bit OS machines. And probably this is the problem.

Do you have another 64bit machine to try?

Just tried installing the full version and launching a portable version of both 1.10.2 and 1.10.6 on my Win7x64 machine with admin privileges several times and got the same blank white screen with both versions each time.