etcher v1.10.2 stuck on white screen when opened

so everytime i open etcher i get a white screen
is there any fix for it.

developer console

Welcome to the balena forums! Which version of balenaEtcher are you using? I believe this may be related to an issue that has been fixed on recent builds (Etcher 1.10.3 and later).
However, for Windows 7, v1.7.9 is the last version to work as newer versions of nodejs dropped support for it.

im using v1.10.2

i used to download it it was the latest version it said here

so the white screen is fixed on version 1.10.3?

Yes, please try downloading a newer release from Tags · balena-io/etcher · GitHub. Unfortunately the product webpage is not yet automatically updated with new releases.

it still on the white screen. how shall i fix im using latest version 1.13.0

Which version of Windows are you running?

windows 10

is there anyway to fix i would use rufus but it keeps breaking my usbs and it never works

It looks like v 1.10.6 is the latest release version, perhaps give that a try: Release v1.10.6 · balena-io/etcher · GitHub

Just tried it didn’t work I went on a vm and downloaded etcher and it worked but I don’t know why it isn’t working on my pc the vm is same windows 10 as mine

I need to use it but it’s not working

I wonder if your VM has a different version of Chrome running than your primary PC? Electron, which Etcher is built on, has some dependencies with various versions of Chrome so I’m wonder if it could be that the Chrome version or some other Electron dependency is different between your VM and primary PC?

hm I do remember seeing chrome is out of date update chrome then I never saw it again il try to see if it will work.

my chrome is latest and its still white screen on etcher how shall i fix

So is it not able to be fixed?

No reply yet.

Found a fix downloaded a new copy of windows 64bit my pc was 32 bit and there’s no more white screen

For 32bits versions of windows, we recommend using etcher 1.7.9. The newest version of etcher won’t support 32bits arch anymore.

Anyway It’s a good thing overall that you upgraded your windows to 64 bits.