I'm having a problem with etcher (windows 7), Whenever i open Etcher it just shows a white screen, left the program running for a few hours and it is still a white screen.

Hello, looks like something is causing Etcher to crash on startup. Would you mind trying to open it again and open up the developer tools from the blank window (should be Ctrl + Shift + I on windows)? Once that is open you should be able to click on Console which will contain all the application logs. Could you copy all that and share it with us in this thread?
Thank you

When i opened developer tools a the screen was just black

Thanks, what version of Etcher are you using, and would you be able to confirm if you can run any other electron app?

Im using 1.5.81


Can you provide the version of Electron you have installed? The current supported versions (according to Electron) are 8.1.x, 7.1.x and 6.1.x.


Hi I had the same problem on win7, solved using "compatibility program " winxp