Where to find documentation on power-up process?

Hey guys, I’m trying to get the Windows 10 IOT Core image to run from the CM3L module. I can flash the module with the IOT Core image, but when I start the Fin I get the screen (attached) but there is no power to the attached keyboard, so I cannot get past this point.

Is there any documentation which might tell me what I need to add (driver-wise maybe) to the image to allow peripheral input? Or any debugging docs/articles so I can monitor the power-up sequence?



FYI: Neither of the status indicators ON1 or ON2 are lit

Hey, Shaun’s reply sums up the situation with Windows IoT nicely: balenaFin + CM3 + Windows IOT not booting after flashing. raspbian is working well

tldr; without a BSP there’s not much that can be done.