balenaFin + CM3 + Windows IOT not booting after flashing. raspbian is working well

I’m using windows IOT dashboard to create boot image.

How to install windows IOT on balenaFin + CM3 (bcm2837) ?

Hey, an image for the balenaFin generally needs to support that hardware specifically, when you say raspbian is working fine, do you mean the image provided by us, available from here ?

no . I use image from + BalenaEtcher.
it’s working.

But i need windows IoT . So i try woeusb --device 17763.107.181026-1406.rs5_release_svc_prod2_amd64fre_IOTCORE_RPi.iso /dev/sdc to flash image.

try using windows iot dashboard to flash image. nothing work.

Does balenaFin + CM3 (rPI compute module 3 ) support windows IoT ?

Hi @stalker , I don’t think any one on the team has tried this before, but from a bit of searching, it seems it comes down to microsoft supporting the BSP and it seems like in 2018 there wasn’t yet support to the CM3 on window iot 10 . I’ll have a look around for some more info on the subject, but if it works on the standard CM3 carrier board, it should work on the fin (the fin OS images just have a special dtblob.bin on the boot partion to enable all the hardware).