BalenaFin Yocto Layer

Hi Balena team,

We have acquired a number of BalenaFins and for specific reasons, we would like to use a couple of them only as a carrier board (thus no Balena for this specific situation).

I would like to integrate the BalenaFin into the Yocto project, but I have not succeeded.

There was an attempt here:

And a very nice repository here: GitHub - balena-os/balena-raspberrypi: Balena support for RaspberryPI boards

However, directly implementing the layer brings on a couple of balena/resin specific configuration that I would not be requiring for this situation.

Is there a separate layer or machine integration around?
(Maybe it is just a matter of incorporating the overlay, but I would appreciate feedback).



I’d start with using the meta-raspberry layer and the cm3 machine config for trying to run generic Yocto/poky on the fin.

Then you’ll probably need to add the overlay and perhaps the WiFi driver might need some work.
But meta-raspberry would be a better starting point as the BSP layer for the fin.

balena-raspberry can be used to understand fin specific subtleties.



That’s what I am trying so far.


Are there any issue you have encountered so far with this approach?