balenaFin with CM3 Lite not booting after flashing OS


I’m currently trying to flash an OS image to a balenaFin v1.0 with a Raspberry Pi CM3 Lite module loaded. After flashing a balenaOS or Raspbian image using Etcher (v1.5.33) the device attempts to boot, but restarts during the process. The flashing and verification with Etcher is successful. This occurs on both the balenaOS and Raspbian images.

With the Raspbian image loaded, a splash screen is shown

followed by the followed by the boot logging shown below
the screen then goes black and the process repeats.

With the balenaOS image loaded, boot logs are shown, the initial log shows the following
it the continues booting with the following being displayed immediately before the fin restarts

I don’t currenly have access to an additional balenaFin PCBA or CM3 module to test whether or not the balenaFin or CM3 is causing the issue.

Has anyone seen a issue similar to this?

Hey @lowderd, I’ve just flashed the latest balenaOS version from the balenaCloud dashboard for the Fin (2.31.5+rev1) using Etcher v1.5.33 and all is working well. You didn’t mention what balenaOS version you were trying? I tried with a Fin v1.0 and CM3L too.

I’m not sure if the Fin or CM3 would cause this but I’ll ask some of my colleagues too. Is this a new unit or have you had it working successfully before?

Hi @chrisys,

I was using the same balenaOS version (2.31.5+rev1 from the balenaCloud dashboard) to the device. This is a new device that I’ve had for a couple months but haven’t had time to use before.

I have previously flashed a balenaFin from the same computer using the same method and how no issues at all. I’m grabbing this balenaFin so that I can check if there’s a hardware issue at all.


OK great, try your known working CM3L in that Fin too - if you find you’ve had any hardware from us that’s DOA be sure to let us know on with your order number.

@lowderd one of my colleagues also suggested to check your PSU. He noted that the time when you’re getting a reboot is one of the highest points in terms of power consumption so if it’s a poor quality PSU that could cause a reboot too. Let us know what you find either way.

Sorry for the delayed update. The issue was with the PSU, I was using a supply that couldn’t provide enough current causing the device to brownout. Thanks for the help!