What BalenaEtcher version works in what linux version

I recently installed the .deb version of BalenaEtcher 1.5.113 into Linux Mint 17.3 (based on Ubuntu 14.04). I get error messages when trying to start and it does not see attached USB drives. Based on Google searches, I figured out that the latest version of BalenaEtcher (1.5.113) does no longer work with Ubuntu 14.04 - therefore I uninstalled the application.
I’m not ready just yet to upgrade Linux Mint - so my question is: What is the most recent version that still works with Linux Mint Cinnamon 17.3 (based on Ubuntu 14.04)? I would prefer a .deb installable version over the ‘Appimage’ version. Thank you

Hi, @chameau can you share the logs of the errors with us. Also FYI this issue https://github.com/balena-io/etcher/issues/3406 recently closed and it might be related. If you encountered the same errors then the solution would be to just use the latest version.

Hi mbalamat,

my issue is not related to the link you supplied, but from what I googled it’s related to recent changes to ‘BalenaEtcher’ code that means it no longer works with older version of ‘Ubuntu 14.04’ (and it’s derivatives like Mint 17.3). See attached a screenshot of the error message when starting the application. Note that if I dismiss the error message, Balena opens correctly but it can not see attached thumb-drives.

I see, if the issue is only with the lsblk binary you can try installing a newer version that has that +pttype option.

To my knowledge 1.5.113 is the latest version? and that is the version that’s giving me the error message?


I believe my colleague was advising that you try installing a newer version of the Ubuntu lsblk package.


Hello @chameau

Thanks for reporting this.
This error is due to a change in drivelist that expects lsblk to have a pttype column.
We will fix this in the next Etcher release (1.5.116).
In the mean time you can use Etcher versions up to 1.5.102 that used an older drivelist.