Do you have etcher -balena for OSs free

hello, do you have a version etcher -balana for O.S.s free ? in version deb. not in zip ? yes or no ?because I have some difficult for opening this package to convert him in deb. ! ! many thanks see you soon :grinning:

Hello @jibel,

Could you try following it here:

Let me if you need further help.

Thank you I have install it with the version i386 for my OS hybryde 14.04 but I have installed, since few month, the ex version here : “almanet-dolys” since the new version times in times it’s possible to install it in fedora or manjaro or an other OSs free , please visit this site for explain they changing new one :grinning: many thanks again see you soon :innocent:

@jibel I am glad it worked!

Have a good one

Hi I have sent to my friend the coordinate for install it also on fedora in this site personal… Because I have +/- 12 OSs free different . If it’s OK for all no trouble, every one choice the right package …see u soon :wink:

[quote=“jibel, post:5, topic:5987”]
I have install it with the version i386[/quote]

Aie, I have downloaded this version, this package installed with “logitech ubuntu” without trouble. Can you remember me where is this version? I have, do it ? Which one page where is this one ? Impossible to find it ? Incredible !Thank you, see u soon

You can find deb and rpm packages here