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Hi everyone,

I’m running Ubuntu 19.10 on my main computer. Unfortunately Balena Etcher does not seem to work at all,

I am trying to flash disk images to an SD for a Raspberry Ri - Just the standard Raspian and Octopi.

My issue is the Balena Etcher seems to not be compatible with Ubuntu at all. Every time I try to flash an image I get the message:

Something went wrong. If it is a compressed image, please check that the archive is not corrupt”

Now I have my doubts as to whether the “archive is corrupt”. Copying the image over to an old mac and flashing the SD using that machine results in success.

Is Balena Etcher even suppose to work on Ubuntu?

Thanks for your input




I will pass your question to our Etcher team and get back to you with more details as soon as possible.
In order to help us investigate the issue, can you please share with us what version did you use on Ubuntu?


Balena Etcher Version 1.5.73
Ubuntu 19.10


Hi, thanks for providing versioning information. Could you also please send us logs when the error happens by pressing ctrl + shift + i and opening the devtools console?

Sure, I have recreated the error and opened the devtools console. These are the three errors:

/tmp/.mount_balenayC…js/dist/raven.js:58 {“stack”:“Error: The elevated process died unexpectedly\n at createError (file:///tmp/.mount_balenayCQQT6/resources/app.asar/generated/gui.js:1113:19)\n at Object.createUserError (file:///tmp/.mount_balenayCQQT6/resources/app.asar/generated/gui.js:1134:12)\n at file:///tmp/.mount_balenayCQQT6/resources/app.asar/generated/gui.js:5801:30”,“message”:“The elevated process died unexpectedly”,“description”:“The process error code was 126”,“report”:false,“image”:“”}
console. @ /tmp/.mount_balenayC…js/dist/raven.js:58

/tmp/.mount_balenayC…js/dist/raven.js:58 {“stack”:“Error: The writer process ended unexpectedly\n at createError (file:///tmp/.mount_balenayCQQT6/resources/app.asar/generated/gui.js:1113:19)\n at Object.createUserError (file:///tmp/.mount_balenayCQQT6/resources/app.asar/generated/gui.js:1134:12)\n at Server. (file:///tmp/.mount_balenayCQQT6/resources/app.asar/generated/gui.js:5520:30)”,“message”:“The writer process ended unexpectedly”,“description”:“Please try again, and contact the Etcher team if the problem persists”,“report”:false,“code”:“ECHILDDIED”}
console. @ /tmp/.mount_balenayC…js/dist/raven.js:58

/tmp/.mount_balenayC…b/assets/icon.png:1 Failed to load resource: net::ERR_FILE_NOT_FOUND

Hi Richard, thanks for providing the logs. It seems you are using the AppImage, could you please try the .deb package?

Where do I find that? I cannot see it in the app store on Ubuntu or on website for download

Hi. Where did you get the version you are using right now?

I downloaded my copy from there using the only option which resulted in an app image

Hi there.

You can download a deb for your architecture from the etcher releases page. Once you’ve downloaded you can install with using sudo dpkg -i filename.deb from a shell.

Hope that helps,

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Great that worked for me. :+1:

Thank you

Thanks great news. Thanks.

The AppImage should work on ubuntu 19.10. I’ve just tested on ubuntu and xubuntu 19.10 with no issues. Could you please try the latest release: 1.5.79 ?