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Your product just scared the hell out of me!

I was trying to clone a 32 GB SanDisk Micro SD card to a 64 GB sibling. Being absolutely new to the Unix/Linux world, I intended to make a point-in-time “backup” of the 32 GB guy to its bigger brother and felt somewhat apprehensive about the task. I selected my Source and Destination drives, and the next (and only) step was to press “Flash”. That took me aback! Nevertheless, screwing up my courage and resolve, I pressed Flash and prayed diligently to the god Murphy. In about 2-3mins the process completed successfully. I then used the new big boy 64 GB to boot my RPi4, and it all went swimmingly!

Now, that overly long story precedes my request. Could you guys find it in your hearts to change the button text that says “Flash” to “Clone” once the cloning task has been selected?

I understand they are indeed the same process under the covers, but my confidence level would rise, my heart rate fall, and the remnants of my dignity preserved.

What say you? As a newbie, there be dragons lurking behind every Linux bush and tree, and my armour seems quite inadequate.

Hello @VicD welcome to the balena community! Thank you for explaining your story and recommending this change! I will ping the Etcher team to see if this is possible :slight_smile:

Let us know if we can help you more!

@VicD i just created a github issue on the Etcher repository, and added this message on it. We will keep you updated when your feature requested gets into production.

Let us know if we can help you more!