A suggestion to Balana for Etscher.

I have used Escher a lot, but I miss one feature that Win322diskmanager has,
That is the ability to read an Image and store it on a PC. Thereby one can make backups of SD’s.

All the best


Hey, what version of Etcher are you running and on what operating system ? In the changelog I can see that https://github.com/balena-io/etcher/blob/master/CHANGELOG.md#v15107 added support for a clone-drive workflow so if you have this version you should be able to create *.img backups of your drive!

Hi there, as Miguel pointed out, since version 1.5.107 etcher has the ability to clone drives, which partly solves the issue of duplicating an SD card.

Backing up a drive into a .img file is something that has been requested in the past, and I have linked this forum ticket to the related github issue.

It could also be useful if you could provide some context on how you would use that functionality? How often do you require to make a backup of an SD card? For what reasons do you do it?