Balena failing to flash Raspbian to SD card

When I try to flash Raspbian Buster with recommended software to my 8 GB micro Sd card, after I enter the admin passcode, it says there is a problem. I am trying to overwrite the Kano Os file, can someone help me?

Could you send along what the exact message you saw was? And, if you could try to launch etcher from the command line, there may be some errors visible there when it fails which aren’t visible in the UI.

I think it was a network problem, but now when it’s flashing, it says there is one day left even though I am connected to a 5G Network using an Ethernet cable. I’ll keep you updated.

Hey there, did you figure out what the issue was? If you can share the logs as dt-rush suggested it can help in figuring out what caused the issue for you, as networking shouldn’t be a problem when flashing an image.