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trying to install Either Ether wont let me click FLASH button.
I did first one select image, then target

Hi @demson, and welcome to the balena forums!

I have a few questions about your set up: what platform are you running balenaEtcher on (Windows, MacOS, Linux)? Additionally, what type of device are you trying to flash?

Please let us know!

windows 10
sandisk ultra usb 3.0

What version of balenaEtcher are you running? Are there any errors visible in the console (you should be able open that by pressing ctrl+shift+i when running balenaEtcher).

u still here? I need help

Hi again @demson,

Perhaps you missed it, but I asked some followup questions in the message above your most recent message: About the balenaEtcher category

am using win 10 am trying to install etcher and am using sandisk ultra 3.0 usb devise. I select image, then target, and that’s it. wont let me hit flash. other times when I hit Target button, it says drive mountpoint contains image

These are the questions I was referring to, sorry if that was unclear!

“balenaEtcher needs privileged access in order to flash disks.”
What does it mean guys?)


I’m having a similar issue, it tries to create the FLASH, but comes back with an error of “flash failed”

OS: Windows 10
trying to create: Unubtu startup USB stick

Errors I’m getting - Uncaught RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded

It has done this to 2 USB sticks… and seems to make them unusable once I get the error… meaning that I can’t format the USB drive, Windows claims that the drive doesn’t exist.

I figured out answer on my own for anyone having this same issue…

DON’T uses BalenaEtcher, instead use RUFUS (NO issues when using Rufus)

How to run the Etcher? It seems just open, no run button.