urn your old speakers or Hi-Fi into Bluetooth, Airplay and Spotify receivers with a Raspberry Pi and this step-by-step guide

URL: https://www.balena.io/blog/turn-your-old-speakers-or-hi-fi-into-bluetooth-receivers-using-only-a-raspberry-pi/#softwarerequired

I am having trouble at installing [balenaSound project. on my rpi v1 (it should be able to work, right?)

the BalenaOS is running from the rpi as we speak.

The normal ways: apt-get install dont work for me :frowning:


The rPi 1 is not one of the supported devices, but I think you should be able to get it to work if you’re using a wired network.

You shouldn’t need to use apt get for anything. Is the device showing as online on the web dashboard (under your app)? If so, the next step would be to clone or download the balena-sound repository and push that to balena cloud. See the section “Deploy the project code” in the guide you linked to for the details of that step.

Hope that helps!

Hello, yeah its showing as online. And that’s with wifi USB dongle.

Thanks ill have a better look at the steps when I get home from work.

Ok, good luck, and let us know if you’re still having issues!

Think i managed to get it working now thanks :slight_smile: