Update Problems during initial balena sound update

Hi there!
I just followed the instruction on how to set up a Pi for Balena Sound (a Pi 3B in my case), and downloads are taking forever, and are randomly going lower, rather than higher. I am sitting here with it online about 45 mins, and yet not a single of the three downloads running at the moment (out of seven) has made it past 50%.

Am I doing something wrong, and if yes, what exactly?


As far as I understood you successfully pushed the code and now updates are downloading slowly right?
Are the downloads progressing or completely stuck?
Can you start the terminal of the device and run internet speed test? (maybe you can use this tool)
Can you run health check of the device and see if they pass? (Diagnostics tab -> Device health checks -> Run checks)

Well, the downloads were slow AF, and mostly didn’t finish, but restarted in the middle. But I just went to bed, and the next morning all was hunky-dory. I guess I need to be a bit more patient with my Pi ; )

Hey, Glad to hear you able to get it download eventually, feel free post again if you encounter other issues. It’s best to start a new thread for different issues so that each thread stays on topic and is useful for those who search for solutions. Have fun with your Pi and balenaSound :slight_smile: