When updating code for the first time it doesn't go past a certain percentage

I am new to coding in general and was trying out the balenaSound project on my Raspberry Pi 3 model B. After pushing the code from cmd, when i try to upload to balenaCloud, the update keeps restarting after hitting 11%. I am new to coding and don’t know what do in this situation.Looked online but there is no answer. Sry for bad grammar.

Iam on balenaOS 2.47.0+rev1

when I attempt restart it says tunneling socket could not be established

Hi and welcome to the forums!
Could you please enable support access on the device and paste here the device UUID?
You can do so by following the documentation, then we’ll be able to take a look into the device and check what’s happening.


We just wanted to check back in with you, are you still having problems here we might be able to help with?

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Hello there,

I am having the same issue UID 291d0f6d89a014263d5792f7e31bbf5e
Everything was fine until the update stage, very slow update and restarted at 16%, then again at 11% at ideas?

Hi there, can you please give us a bit more information on what steps you took and what exactly happened? Did the device restart while updating? What device are you using? Have you tried running diagnostics on the device (On the device page, go to the Diagnostics tab in the menu)?


I followed guide verbatim, but unlike the first chap I did not restart. The process is still running.

Raspberry pi model 1 and I connect via wifi - no issues. I am running diagnostics now.

Ok diagnostic report few error for device health check;

How long should the update last? - already been running for ~30 minutes.

That would depend on many factors, such as network connection, and if it is a first update or a subsequent one with deltas enabled. In this case a likely issue is a very slow/unstable internet connection and/or low-quality SD card.

Hello, did you have any luck? Just to follow up, could you tell me what manufacturer/model SD card you are using? Poor quality SD cards are the root cause of many failures unfortunately. If you are considering swapping the card, we would recommend SanDisk Extreme Pro, as we have found those to be reliable.