Balena-sound Update loop

Hi, My Raspberry Pi 4B 4GB model has been in an update loop when installing balena-sound services. Please help me this problem has been in 2021 and this year, many have been facing this. Please kindly take action on this problem ASAP.

Here is my dashboard access if you need it :slight_smile: : balena dashboard

Here are some screenshots

When trying to upload services

Please fix this issue ASAP

Hi can you please enable support access again? Also, when was the first time you noticed this behavior? Did you push a new release to the device?

I have been experiencing this problem since the rpi4 (64bit os), can you send a link for the os for the rpi 4 (32bit) ?. This project wirked fine when i was using a rpi 3 and was manually cli uploading the repository with balena push command. I will give support access soon, does the device needs to be online?

Hello @MCSheep welcome to the balena community!

What balenaSound version are you trying to install? Could you please confirm that? Is it the latest? Is it always on downloading image loop?

Could you please confirm your balenaOS and Supervisor version? i can’t see them on your screenshot!


Hi! i can’t access to your device. Please grant support access following these steps Grant support access - Balena Documentation

Please delete your previous message and share over DM if you want

I have granted access now, I had pushed 3 times and didn’t fix it. Can I DM you the link for the dashboard?





Yes, its always on the download loop

It is the latest version when i installed it, I don’t know now if any other new versions came. Gonna reflash balena os with etcher

I see your device offline. Could you please bring it online?

Hi @mcsheep,

Thanks for sharing your device with us. Can you let us now what happens when you reflash with Etcher.