Balena Sound stuck in uploading loop

Hi guys,

I´ve a Raspberry Pi 3 where the installation has gone apparently fine, but it is stuck in an kind update loop:

28.03.20 23:35:48 (+0100) Downloading image ‘

Always reach to 80% and restart again, can someone help me?

Hello, Please could you try running the health checks on this device (if it stays up long enough to run)? To do this do to the device’s page on the dashboard, and then click the last of the buttons on the left (“Diagnostics”), then in the “Device health checks” tab, click the “Run checks” button. Is anything out of the ordinary reported there?

Hi @srlowe I can’t run Device health checks, returns me this: Error reported when querying checks data: “ssh client socket error while initiating SSH connection” but im able to run Device Diagnostics and Supervisor State

I granted support access to my device in case you can help me

Thanks for the access. It looks like your data volume is full. Would you like me to prune the images/containers to attempt to free some space?

Yes, lets try!

Pruning has failed with an error unfortunately - it could be due to the 100% usage of the data volume. I’m asking colleagues for suggestions.

Ok, thank you @srlowe


we have identified a list of docker layer folders that are not used by running containers but that fill your available disk space. This is the script that I would run on your device to free disk space. Is this ok for you?


Ok, sorry, just reminded that I cannot upload a script, so here it is: this is specific to your device

Thanks @ffissore, Fede I’m very newbie how i can upload the script? With balena push?

Nevermind @ljimenez, it turns out I also need to turn the supervisor off before running them. Is it ok if I do that for you?

Just to give you options, should this NOT be ok, the other option is to turn the device off, unplug the sd card, plug it into a linux PC, fix it, and plug it back into the pi


It’s ok @ffissore turn off supervisor.

Hey @ljimenez, free the disk space is taking a looooong time. I’ll keep the script running and keep you posted but it will likely take something like 12 hours.
If that’s too much, and if you have physical access to the device, you might want to start from scratch: turn off, reflash with etcher, balena push balena sound. I’m saying this because, by the looks of it, it seems like this was a freshly flashed SD card with the sole purpose of running balena sound

Well, i’ve another SD I’ll try to start from the scratch again. thanks @ffissore

Thank you @ljimenez, keep us up to date!

Finally it works, thanks @ffissore & @srlowe