typing 'a' then 'V' in Mu4e plain text email to view email in html tries to load the html file in balena etcher rather than default web browser

Balena etcher is not even “loaded” but the key combination still tries to load the html email file.

I can’t see any “menu” options or docs to suggest why this key combination is doing this. Is it something in Balena etcher config?

I uninstalled Balena etcher and the behaviour has reverted to what is expected. The email is parsed into the default web browser.

Ideally I’d like to keep Balena Etcher available. So

NB Mu4e is being run in emacs 28.5 org-mode.



Wow, thanks for reporting this… can you tell me what version of Etcher you’re running? (click the gear in the upper-right and it will show you the version in the Settings page that opens up)

I would guess it has something to do with Etcher being based on Electron (https://www.electronjs.org/) and emacs thinking it is a local browser, but I’m reaching out to our dev team to see if we’re aware of this happening anywhere else. We’ll get back to you soon!


I confirmed that there are other users reporting this same experience with Etcher, and also that it appears to be a reproducible issue with other Electron apps. I’m working with our team now to find out the best way to report this officially to the Electron team and/or get a short term fix for Etcher and we’ll keep you posted.

In the meantime, this thread does a decent job of explaining what’s happening behind the scenes and provides some possible work-arounds, if you’re interested: Electron is setting itself to be the default application for text/html files on Linux · Issue #20382 · electron/electron · GitHub I haven’t tested anything there myself, so proceed with caution, but hopefully it’s helpful while I work on the best step forward for Etcher in particular.

Alright, I’ve created a GitHub Issue specific to your experience and summarized what we’ve found thusfar. Feel free to subscribe to that issue so you get updates on our progress and know when it’s been resolved. Thanks again so much for reporting this to us!