Balena Etcher stopped working with apple mail after update 2/28/21

As soon as I attempted to update the software it stopped working to retrieve my protonmail. I deleted it and downloaded it again. When I open the progam I get an option to choose “flash from file” flash from url or clone drive. I have no idea what to do now. Where are the instructions on how to use this? I got it working once but have no idea how. I can’t find any instructin on what to do at this stage. Quite frustrating.

Welcome to balena forums,

Could you please give us more details about what you are trying to do with Ether? I’m not sure how apple mail/ protonmail are related to Etcher.
Do you mean the app crashes and you are trying to send a report with apple mail/protonmail?

Hello @alv,

Just checking in on this issue. We’ll need a few more details to understand what’s going on. Are you following an installation guide somewhere that asks you to flash your SD card with Etcher? Can we see that guide to get a bit more context? Thanks!