Trying to install/run Etcher on Raspbian for 3 B+

I think I downloaded the x86 version but I was doing some reading saying only AMD64 architecture is supported. What should I do? This is my output I got stuck on.

root@raspberrypi:/home/Me/Downloads# chmod a+x balenaEtcher-1.5.52-ia32.AppImage
root@raspberrypi:/home/Me/Downloads# ./balenaEtcher-1.5.52-ia32.AppImage
bash: ./balenaEtcher-1.5.52-ia32.AppImage: cannot execute binary file: Exec format error

Hi and welcome to the forums!
As of now we don’t ship packages for arm architecture, but you can compile from Etcher’s source directly cloning the repo:

Sadly that’s above my level of knowledge. I’ll do some research, but, I’ve no idea what compiling means outside of dabbling with IDEs.

Hey @sheebus, we have opened an issue on Etcher to provide packages for ARM architectures as well, can subscribe to that topic on Github and follow any potential changes there:

If you want to give it a try to build from source, you can check this document that should have the required steps to be able to do that, roughly. But only if you feel interested, and experimenting is not a problem for you:

Otherwise we’ll keep you posted!

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